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Beautiful looking skin

Microblading Eyebrows, Lip Blush, Lip Liner & Eyeliner

Please call 07857308121

Eyebrows    £190.00 including top up after 4-6 weeks
Eyeliner      £175.00 including top up
Lip liner      £180.00 including top up
Lip Blush    £250.00 including top up

Deposit of £50.00 will be required before consultation to secure a booking - Patch Test required 24hrs Before Treatment

Procedure will be performed by a Qualified therapist

Microblading courses available taught by a Highly qualified teacher with 20 years experience in Private and Further Education.

Microblading gently enhances clients natural features by using Microblades implanting pigment

Please call Microblading Clinic 07857308121

Email rejuvenate@holisticspabeautyclinicmarplecheshire.co.uk