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Beautiful looking features


Beautiful looking skin

Semi-Permanent Make-up/Microblading eyebrow

Semi permanent eyebrows

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Hairstroke Brows       £290                                         

Combination Brows  £290                                          

Ombre Brows              £290  


Soft Powder Brows    £290                                                                                 

Semi permanent lip liner/lip blush

 Semi Permanent Lip Liner/Blush

Lip Blush    £290

Lip Liner     £190                                                        

Semi permanent eyeliner

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Baby Eyeliner Upper only £210                                               

Baby Eyeliner with Lower Eyelash Enhancer                                     £280                                                                       

Upper Eyelash Enhance           £160                                               

Lower Eyelash Enhancer         £150                                       

Combination Eyelash Enhancer                                                               £240                              

Top up appointment within 5 -8 weeks of your initial treatment.


                                         The pricing structure very simple to encourage regular visits:

                   Colour boost treatments keep your permanent make up looking fresh and defined.

    Colour Boost Price List:

    All treatments within 6 months           £80

    All treatments within 6-18 months      £130

    All treatments after 18 months              £180